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Hooray! Submit your project to the channel


This is the time to make it happen! We really want to know what you're up to



After filling in the form below, you will receive a project page in draft mode. In this draft you can add the rewards for your supporters. You can also share this page with your friends to collect feedback and sharpen your project even more.

The information filled in below is not definitive, but remember that the more consistent you are in your project submission, the faster it will go live.

Very ImportantThe channel selects the projects according to their own selection criteria, which means that your project may be rejected by the curatorial team.
1. Registro
Crear una cuenta es fácil y gratuito. Sólo necesitas nombre, mail y contraseña
2. Proyecto
Completa el formulario y envía el borrador de tu proyecto. Te asesoraremos antes de lanzarlo.
3. Campaña al Aire
Se activa el botón para recibir donaciones. Promueve tu proyecto en tus redes y busca colaboradores.
4. Desembolso
Al cierre de tu campaña recibirás el dinero recaudado* en la plataforma en tu cuenta bancaria.

Points to keep in mind when sending your project:

Creative and realistic ideas
Collective impact and benefits
Non-monetary rewards
We do not support personal projects or projects lacking clear goals
Reach out to your community
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